For the love of learning

I have been a pool/squad swimmer for a quarter of a century. Up and down that black line at least 3 kilometres per session, at least twice a week.

What keeps me coming back?

I love learning. I love that swimming, like surfing, is a “I have never arrived at mastery” sport. Technique is critical, how you feel in the water, the nuances of stroke, catch, kicking, breathing… multiplied, if desired, by 4 different types of stroke.

I love the feel of the water, of moving into my relationship with water. Am I flowing? Do I feel heavy? Where am I in the water?

And the feeling afterwards, is worth everything.

When we know our personal learning formula, the secret that has us dive in deep to a new something, or stay long towards mastery, we can tailor our learning to meet our aliveness.

The fear of not knowing, of looking like a klutz, or making mistakes, shrinks our life.

Loving learning is to invite aliveness.

Photo taken September 16th 2020

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