Essential ingredients for Syntropy

If we want to create Syntropy, if we want to leave everything better, no matter if it is a home, a relationship, an enterprise, a garden, the education of a child, a community…there are essential ingredients…

The intention for Syntropy, held as one of the primary incentives, which simultaneously requires a response that is context driven as not everyone responds to incentives in the same way. Which means that we deeply inquire into what incentivises individuals rather than assume it might be this or that.

Therefore a deep respect for the individuals participating, for their unique Pattern Integrity, unique contribution.

The creation of an ecology that enables synergy, where together the outcome is exponentially greater than it is if we participate as atomised individuals. We do this through agreements and dialogues of intimacy.

The ability to hold the field for what is emerging. To not impose a form, a business plan, a linear time line, a particular shape. And in the emergent field, to listen deeply, and respect that which is emerging. To respond to what is arising as it arises.

To commit to the maintenance of integrity, no matter what, in all domains. Integrity  of communication. Integrity of the individuals participating. Integrity of the product, service, relationship or idea that we are stewarding.

If we do these things expect miracles.

Photo taken September 17th 2020

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