Naming illusions

It helps when things feel hopeless to name illusions. What is real and what is not.

You might feel so very alone. You are not alone. If it is true that no one is present, then be aware of what else is present. The tree. The ground that carries you. The spider in the corner. There is a world that supports your existence. The air, the sunlight, water. Notice it all.

The story is not done. It might feel like you are buried in a forever place. Endless, endless cycles of here. The story is not done. The sun will rise tomorrow, and set again. Another chapter is being written, even as you feel the horizon offers nothing but the same.

There is another perspective on this experience that you currently cannot see. Ask someone to help you see the other perspective. A new perspective might change it all.

There are other choices of action. Choices that might be counter intuitive. Or choices you might not have considered. Make a list of all the possible and impossible choices. Do not allow your rational mind to edit the list as you create it. List every possible choice, from crazy to wild to small to large.

After all of this, go to the still quiet place within. Challenge the voices that say it is too hard, too exhausting, too much..and ask the voice of your truth, will I make it through?


Photo taken September 18th 2018


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