The last vestiges of human dinosaurs

If 2020 has taught us anything, it might be that our human desire to plan, to have a linear pathway forward, a map with straight lines, the goal setting, step by step process, no longer works.

Perhaps this type of thinking has been rooted in our desire for dominion over our environment, our circumstance.

The position that we get to control things.

We have believed that this is true. Yet life teaches us that change occurs in a nanosecond. That the best laid plans more often end tangled. 

It might be that we are entering a new parallel Universe, one where our beginning is to be broken down to the level that we learn to partner with the larger forces and fields of our Universe. To give up dominion. Superiority. Hubris. Arrogance. 

That what we are now witnessing in the global political leadership is the last vestiges of human dinosaurs trying to hold onto the old.

Photo taken September 19th 2020

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