Time for the precious

Watching the clear blue green waves roll in, mesmerising in their beauty, pulled into their story as if spell cast.

Thinking about human haste. A world dictated by busy-i-ness. Too much to do just to keep the hamster wheel going. A whole machine built on the illusion of needing to keep it going. More than illusion though. The machine does need us to be caught in the busy trap, never time to step back, question, inquire, and see the futility of the exercise. If we stop, if the commercial growth stops, then the economy will collapse.

Caught in the web of the waves spell, I wonder, would this be too bad? A collapse?

Might we learn to create a better path, one that dances with Earth and her creatures, as a steward partner?

Might we create time for the precious. Time to fall into the spell of the waves. Time to be in relationship. Not the hurried chit chat, rather the web of intimacy and generational connectivity?

Photo taken September 1st 2020

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