Our power is always in holding ourselves and others to truth. To Integrity.

How we disintegrate integrity, and in so doing, humanity.

We tell a small lie. Or we witness a small lie, and in either case, step right over it.

If we are honest with ourselves, at this point of a lie, there is an internal dissonance. (Unless you are a sociopath or psychopath, absent any feeling from birth)

The fabric of our being has been rent, ever so slightly. If we get away with it, the next lie is a tiny bit easier. It feels powerful to get away with it. Hubris builds.

Multiply the small, seemingly innocuous lie by a thousand, and our immunity becomes strong. 

Multiply our stepping over lies made by another by a thousand…and we roll our eyes and numb ourselves down just a little more, as the lies roll on by. Hardy disturbed by anything now, are we. 

It is a tale of time immemorial. Of the boy who cried wolf. 

As the lies accumulate, our bodies toxic from junk (food, air, news, media, BS), our senses numb to anything but the most horrendous, and even then…difficult to rouse the energy to be mad…power feeds the lies…and power accumulates.

One day we wake and discover that we have agreed to atrocities. And we wonder….how did we get to this? 

We did it one small lie, one nano atrocity at a time.

We do it to ourselves. We lie to ourselves. ‘We will not do this…and then we do…’

We do it to others…’you will not do this…but when you do I will do nothing.’ 

And we claim powerlessness. 

Our power is always in holding ourselves and others to truth. To Integrity. 

When we inhabit a world, as we do now, where the lies have been so normalised, when hypocrisy is the currency of power, we must, with all-in-commitment, turn back to integrity. 

Beginning with our own. 

Photo taken September 20th 2020

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