Perhaps not for vanity, but instead to see that which we so easily project in the world as wrong, yet breeds within us.

A projected stoicism and dislike of weakness in others might be an opportunity to consider our own weakness, our own absolute vulnerability.

To even consider we can exist as solo humans is a form of hubris.

To think that we have achieved heights as an individual, is to dismiss the countless others who made our brilliance possible.

To be wronged, as a person, a nation..and then to inflict the same wrong on another without awareness that we are animating the same pattern that hurt us so desperately, is to perpetuate the pattern.

The mirror offers us a chance to see what is often blind to us. 

Even better, to surround ourselves with people who love us enough to speak to the bullied who bullies, the stoic who is crying for help.

Our projections offer us a place of self awareness. What makes us angry lies within our own unreconciled nature.

The mirror is a life long teacher.

Photo taken September 22nd, 2019, SWELL Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach


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