Are we profiting from our wilful othering?

The more we live in a world of ‘the other’ – the other being other religions, other colours, other cultures, other classes…the greater the separation and consequential isolation we feel, the more threatened we become. (In distinction to considering others in all we do, instead of being focused on our own self. Thinking of others as whole others..people, fellow to live in service to others.)

It has become a political imperative to keep the story of the other alive. The other side. Those others from another place. It keeps the machine of war, the prison industrial complex, alive. It keeps those with hoarded money and power protected from the other riffraff. It keeps a party in power.

The story of the other propagates dehumanisation. 

What brings us together is dialogue that invites us to show up whole. Where we can share with each other, our stories, our joys and fears, our falling down and rising up. A Syntropic Enterprise has a tool to enable this. We call it Synergistic Accounting. In the sharing of our stories we not only experience the rich diversity of each lived experience, we also unleash a host of synergies that would never have been seen prior to.

We can choose…are we on the team human that invites these dialogues…that brings together humans and dismantles the myth of the other, or are we profiting from our wilful othering?

Photo taken September 26th 2020

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