How is your Soul doing?

I was in a conversation with a friend this week prompted by an intuition of possible internal dissonance.

It was not until I asked….how is your Soul doing?…that we stepped into a real dialogue.

How is your Soul doing? 

This beautiful question invites a truthful conversation with self.

Are you and your Soul in flow? Is there coherence? 

Have you turned away and taken a path of wilful blindness? 

Are you attending to the soft whisper of your Soul? Or do you dismiss it as irrelevant to your ambition? 

Where are the broken places? Where have you determined to partition aspects of self so as not to deal with the deep unexpressed volume of emotion?

Our Soul, our Pattern Integrity, the thread of our being, is eternal. 

Our choice to partner with it, us, is to move closer to our own integrity.

Photo taken September 27th 2020

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