The other day I was working with a client asking him to expand from the limited view of the “I”. To step to the edge of the Universe and look back at self, with the infinite possibility in this space between him as an “I” and Universe as the whole.

It is not an easy exercise, because we cannot see what we cannot see. Hence the value of having someone in our lives who invites us to see beyond our ability. Someone we know see’s our own distant horizons of possibility more clearly than we are able.

To expand our being it helps to get out of our world. To travel. To read. To meet people from different cultures. To be an explorer. To throw ourselves into activities that ask us to begin again.

Take a new road to work, listen to a different genre of music, watch a different news feed. Do so with an open mind and heart, seeking to move past your own imposed edges, into that space that you have not yet walked. It will feel uncomfortable. Perhaps risky. And that is the point.


Photo taken September 23rd 2018


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