Givers and takers

Giving is an act of syntropy. 

Taking is an act of entropy.

When we give without giving to ourselves, without regenerating our own energy, our reserves, without being syntropic to ourselves, we are stealing from our forward capacity to be generous and syntropic.

Our bodies are vessels of flow. Rich energy flowing in from deeply nourishing sources…food, company, sunlight, nature, contemplation, learning, rest… and our capacity to outflow giving and syntropy becomes far greater. 

Our soil is a vessel of flow. When we humans take, and take, and take…from the soil, from the ecology of the forest, grasslands, water tables and rivers…it is no wonder the syntropic nature of soil is flipped and it becomes entropic.

To take, to be unaware of our taking, to be so focused on our own accumulation, is the disease that might cost humanity our future. 

Giving says we live in a syntropic Universe, one where the game is not zero sum, but infinitely regenerative. 

Photo taken September 29th 2020

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