When will we come off our platform of arrogance and listen

Nature is a totally efficient, self regenerating system. If we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them sustainability will follow and human kind will be a success. R. Buckminster Fuller

From the island upon which I currently write, somewhat removed from the world, taking a pause from the news cycle, most media, and the web of daily busy, I wonder at the illusions we all find ourselves trapped in. How we can believe in theories with such a blind fervour? 

At what point did humans decide that they had superiority over nature? At what point did we decide that we have superiority over other humans, for whatever reason….colour, gender, race, religious belief?

Surely any form of fundamentalism is a closed system and therefore entropic? All optionality squeezed out.

How did our current world reach this state, where crazy is accepted as normal? (Name your brand of crazy, it comes in so many varieties, with new ones coming online every day.)

How will this year, 2020, of crazy end? I suspect in even worse state than we have now. Rare is it that we humans turn from the precipice before the axis tips.

All the while the dolphins jump, the whales breach, the kangaroos look up from their grass eating as we walk by. 

The waves roll in.

The Earth we walk upon, often with total disregard, has been whispering to us  from the beginning.

When will we come off our platform of arrogance and listen…listen to the winds, the bird cry, the bees, the rainforests….and know that they are our teachers, they are the carriers of wisdom. Until we value them more than we value the CEO who makes the most money, we are lost.

Photo taken September 2nd 2020

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