On Arrival to the New – be that CEO, immigrant or guest

Have you started a new role as the CEO, the manager, or an employee?

Have you arrived in a new country? Entered a new land?

Or are you an invited guest to a place unknown?

The place we arrive at needs to be received and not taken. We move into what exists, bowing in deep respect to the present. Pausing, pausing…for as long as it takes to feel into, taste, touch edges…textures…patterns.

Ask questions…



Only when we have received the land, the spaces, the people, the song, the wind…can we form a contract with the place and its people already there.

Our human impulse to impose, to colonise, to take…disrespects the everything that has been there before our arrival.

Our role then, once we have listened to the wind, to voices… is to not shape the place to our image, but to steward the place towards its desire to be more in its integrity because of our arrival.

This is Synergy in action.

Photo taken September 30th 2020

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