A world crashing

Crashing off waves in my surf lessons. My entire web site, email, and business, crashed and no one responding to help for over 24 hours.

Crashing into bed every night exhausted from sun, sand, surf, walking, outdoors all day.

A world crashing into lies and conspiracy theories and extreme polarisation.

An Earth crashing from over use, over extraction, care-lessness.

The question is..what can we control in a crashing scenario?

I can learn from my surf crashing, and in learning, keep going back into the frey, ever refining, more determined.

I have done all I can with the web site crashing. Outreached many times, left messages, called. There is not much else I can do. Worry is pointless.

I adore crashing into bed from physical exhaustion. More please.

In a world of lies and conspiracy theories I can speak truth, ask better questions and refuse to get caught in the endless polarised cycle of righteousness. There is so much I do not know, certainly so much I am not that interested in becoming an expert in – a real expert – one who has spent years in the field of their expertise, for me to make any smart arse comments. I might watch for my own righteousness, my own emotion around a subject and recognise when I am lost to the subject, for charged emotion is a sure sign that I am invested in being right.

What we can do, what we all can do, is commit to a higher integrity. Every day. Every minute. Refuse to get caught in the endless bickering that polarises, turn to the future we want, turn to the place we aim to go.

Photo taken September 5th 2020

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