The paradox of good and bad

“Unity is plural, at minimum two.” R.Buckminster Fuller

Is it possible to separate up from down, in from out, black from white, or good from bad? The palm of my hand from the back of my hand? Two sides of a coin?

When we have invested our lives in fighting for good, we need to fight bad. There is a co-dependancy by design. Without the ‘bad’ we have nothing to do, our work would be done. 

And then what would we do with our time? Who would we be without this fight?

Perhaps instead it is to turn 90 degree’s, precessionally, and focus on what is possible to create for a world with a future. 

To see the dimensionality and texture of good/bad as co-arising. 

And rather than fight a battle against the other side of our hand, to give our heart and attention to the possibility of life filled with beauty, love and truth.

Photo Taken September 9th, 2019


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