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      I hope to see a book from you of daily meditations with your brilliant photos. You are one of the most compelling thought leaders I know.

      Thank you for your work.

      Cherie Clark

      Beauty of Beginnings is my attempt to capture life and contemplation in its sweet and sometimes painful moments.

      I write them to inspire the infinite possibility we can create when we work together synergistically

      I write them to challenge my own thinking – we all need that.

      I write them to connect to you, to create a wholehearted invitation to move towards Syntropy

      I write them as an expression of the very frontier I am on. Never perfect. Always curious. Constantly humbled by beauty and love.

      Beauty will save the world. Without beauty we are naught. Towards beauty we bow.


      For a Syntropic World

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        Innovation and lies

        Innovation and lies

        True innovation, a collective activity, is beautiful.
        To hand the keys to humanity’s future to a few tech bros because of their innovation is to be swept into the web of lies that continues to hold our house of cards up.

        Wisdom cannot be reduced to intelligence

        Wisdom cannot be reduced to intelligence

        Wisdom can point to the scars, broken hearts and dark nights that were the path to wisdom’s access. Simultaneously, wisdom knows beauty and love intimately.

        On an average day, do one thing

        On an average day, do one thing

        Gift one of your super skills to someone who would be so grateful. Not expecting anything in return.
        The common theme is generosity.
        Against the pull of our own darkness, generosity restores light.

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