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      I hope to see a book from you of daily meditations with your brilliant photos. You are one of the most compelling thought leaders I know.

      Thank you for your work.

      Cherie Clark

      Beauty of Beginnings is my attempt to capture life and contemplation in its sweet and sometimes painful moments.

      I write them to inspire the infinite possibility we can create when we work together synergistically

      I write them to challenge my own thinking – we all need that.

      I write them to connect to you, to create a wholehearted invitation to move towards Syntropy

      I write them as an expression of the very frontier I am on. Never perfect. Always curious. Constantly humbled by beauty and love.

      Beauty will save the world. Without beauty we are naught. Towards beauty we bow.


      For a Syntropic World

        Read the last three contemplations from Beauty of Beginnings

        Contrast that is shocking

        Contrast that is shocking

        It is the contrast that is shocking. 

        One moment I am conversing with another person as privileged as I about putting their life needs first – healthy food, good quality sleep, time out to play

        Caught in the weeds

        Caught in the weeds

        We tend to get caught in the weeds when we are in unhappy places. All of the one thousand things that are not working. All the backstabbing and blaming. The stories of this and that. 

        Love the age you are

        Love the age you are

        Love the age you are
        I am learning, like most of us, to love the age I am in all its dimensions.

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