Becoming anti fragile. Able to adapt to change. To evolve.

We forget that we are one world now. That my sneeze, literally, is your contagion. My little sneeze might set in place a ripple that affects everyone: global markets, travel, fear-based politics, election cycles, manufacturing, industry…

To think, even for a nanosecond, that what I do, how I do it, and to whom is inconsequential is to deny that we are all actually connected and six degrees or less apart. 

The linear world, the scientific rational world, doesn’t take into account natural law. Natural law keeps us on our toes. It takes unprecedented paths, zigging when we think it should zag. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a small, seemingly inconsequential virus is created. 

Within a week, fear prevails, and whole human-constructed systems begin to break down, a reflection of a lack of resilience in its design.

These derangements in the environment, in biology, never able to be predicted, are likely to become more common as the Earth catches fever.

Our work as individual and collective humanity is to do at least these things.

*Train ourselves to consider multiple perspectives prior to throwing a solution over a complex issue. Laziness will have us throw an obvious blanket over a complex issue and, in so doing, exacerbate the original issue.

*Become anti-fragile. Able to adapt to change, to evolve. (Instead of resilience, which is to survive through.)

*Know that what we do as individuals, matters. Our sneeze can make it around the world.

February 27th 2020

Photo taken February 26th, 2020