Being a victim

There are true victims everywhere. Those subjected to bombs falling on their homes. Homes where violence lives every day. Those persecuted for no reason other than the colour of their skin, the clothes they wear, or their gender.

We cannot deny injustice. It is an ongoing fight to allow all of Earth and her creatures the same dignity and justice.

Yet, when we adopt an attitude of being a victim, when our inner story is one of being a victim, we lose our agency.

This can be very subtle. Like a very long-running inner story I had about being a victim as a single mother. I gained attention and compassion from this position. It also made me feel like a hero. Look at what I have done through my single mother victim status. This victim behaviour also made it easy for me to point to ‘them’ out there, the perpetrators. 

When we allow our inner victim to take root and become our prevailing story, we simultaneously, and without realising it, give up our agency and choice.

A victim is helpless. The story rots the core of any hope of happiness. When the problem is ‘out there’ we can do nothing to change it.

Most of us play the victim card in areas of our life. It is a crippling play. 

The moment we see our victim game, and kick it out of our psyche, we can begin the journey of making choices that support our healthy wellbeing.

No matter the circumstances, no matter the horror, we can choose how to respond. This is our agency. Now we begin to experience our power. 

Photo Taken November 2nd  2023