Being crazy busy is a choice

When I was younger I used to thrive on the adrenalin rush of busy, haste and deadlines. It made me feel important and successful.

At some point I decided that it was a silly way to live.

Being crazy busy is a choice. It is often a result of failed scheduled management, inability to delegate and the desire to micro-manage.

There are times in life that require a massive push towards a significant deadline, but to have this be a constant way of being is by design and choice.

Building ease into life is a choice. To arrive at a destination ahead of time, allowing several breaths to be taken, is a choice.

To meet another with elegance and spaciousness says more to me about a leader than one who is late, stressed and always time-watching. In that experience, the point of meeting loses significance to the demands of everything else.

Ease enables smooth transitions, reflection time, becoming present. Ease enables respect for others.

These attributes cannot be underestimated.


November 14th 2018

Photo taken November 14th 2018