Betrayal and collusion

When someone betrays another, when they deceive, lie to, or steal from another, they unintentionally (or sometimes intentionally) show their true character.

A betrayer has the capacity to lie and cheat. They will continue to betray unless they name their betrayal and seek forgiveness. The person they hurt the most is themselves. Yet this will not become evident for some time, beyond prediction.

In our integrity bank account – that inner record of personal integrity – a deposit is made in the negative when we betray, deceive or steal.

The more deposits made into the negative, the easier lies and deceptions become. There is a price for this. (There is an exception to this – the socio or psychopath.)

What we steal from others ends up stealing from our cells. In some traditions, this is called Karma. 

The most extraordinary measure of account, one humans ignore at their peril, is biological. Betrayal and lies cost our biological health, including the health of Mother Earth.

When we extend this out to betrayal, lies and deception of institutions and governments, there is a record of account in the biology of the collective. From a scientific perspective, this is the study of trauma and epigenetics.

When people collude with the betrayer, often through silence, which can be provoked by the inability to know how to speak truth to the betrayed, then they are complicit in the betrayal or theft. 

This is the principle of Little Atrocities. Stepping over violations that seem small and innocuous.

They never are.

Little Atrocities are the seed of evil, violence, corruption and genocide.

If you have been betrayed, know that the law of divine justice is in play. Not on your timeline. It never is. But the price will be paid.

The account will be restored to balance.

When we consider the dimensions of global betrayal, corruption, lies, cheating, and stealing (colonisation), a reconciliation of the biological (life) account is coming due.

Often it is the innocent that pay. 

What can we do? Go deep into your integrity bank account. Clean up. Get back to zero. Then start making positive deposits. Speak truth. Refuse to step over deception. Be your word. Be generous. Dare to Care.


Photo Taken February 29th 2024