Better to make one Commitment every decade

There is a Grand Canyon of differences between a commitment and a statement made without commitment.

A Commitment  – words spoken that are backed by the entire ecology of the speaker – resonates into the Universal field and is felt by all who are exposed to it.

A life where we make lame attempts at commitment – vaguerisms – that sneak out of our house of truth like a thief in the night – is a life lived in the grey zone of not-quite-existence.

Yet time and again we fool ourselves that we are our word.

Better to make one Commitment every decade and be your word than 10 statements a day void of substance.

Think carefully. Interrogate the truth of your word. Call it for what it is. Not a commitment but a wish.

And then BOOM.


A Commitment.

And the field is changed. As are you.

March 12th 2018

Photo Taken September 4th 2016