When something happens that is so unexpected we are blindsided. The part of us that is blind to seeing the event ever happening now has to face it happening.

Death has the potential to blindside us, as does news of an illness. Yet it can also be of a seemingly lesser dimension. 

It takes a moment for our senses to catch up. 

Was this event so very left of field that it was out of the realm of our possibility, or did we neglect to consider it happening, caught in some sweet illusion or lack of consideration?

When we blindside someone, we might realise that there is a lag between the announcement of the event and the catch-up of the other’s senses to its possibility. 

This lag – the gap – holds potential for all ranges of emotions. 

To be blindsided can be a form of emotional trauma. The lag requires reconciliation. 

Photo taken September 11th 2022