Blow the doors off

In a world of mediocrity, we want awe.

We long for the experience of wow wow wow.

We can find these moments in common places. Losing ourselves to the phenomena of birth. 

Or the marvel of communication between species.

In our working and personal lives, we seek those moments that stop us in our tracks. Those blow the doors of our minds off moments.

We reach for dance, trance, exercise highs, sex, drugs and food to satiate this desire.

In a world of lies, blow the doors off moments can be found in truth and integrity. Real. Coherent. Transmissions.

When decency is missing, we can have people find awe when decency is the first expression.

Same for all-life-as reverent expressions.

I seek this. I seek people, enterprises and institutions that are their word, in all things, up, down and through.

On finding, my mind, my being, tired of everything other than this, does a very happy dance. 

Photo Taken March 10th 2024