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Access to Advanced Programs

Because we use new language, new models and new maps, the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass provides access to other programs that advance the use of the Syntropic Tool kit.

Weekly Community Calls

We meet every week for one hour 10 months of the year to support, collaborate learn, make a Daring Ask, put our ideas on the Threshing Floor, create Tensegrity Design Teams, introduce beta workshops to be threshed out. +++

Monthly Applied Practice calls

Once a month we host Group Coaching sesssion to support Syntropic Application to your enterprise, team, family or community group.

Syntropic Coach Training

We have a small group of Syntropic Coaches already practacing. For those of you interested in becoming Syntropic Coaches the pathway is via participation in the Syntropic Blue Community.

Creating Other Syntropic Programs and Events

One of the outcomes to indicate the success of Syntropic World is the creation and delivery of Syntropic aligned workshops and events that bring the Syntropic Principles into a broader community. Have an idea for a workshop or event. Bring it to the community for threshing.

Syntropic Community Fund (coming)

In the near future we will be opening a fund that enables people to invest in Syntropic Blue Enterprsies. Those enterprises committed to the pathway of becoming SYntropic Exemplars.

About the Syntropic Blue Community

All Syntropic Masterclass graduates are invited to join the Syntropic Blue Community. The new models and new language we cover in the Masterclass provides the common context for community participation. Given the large scale systems changes Syntropic World holds as our purpose, a community of practice is essential to achieving our intention. Sharing experiences of Syntropic Application, supporting each other when the going gets hard, exploring new ideas, unpacking old ideas. Integrity is the essence of everything we do.




P.O. Box 950, Surfers Paradise, Qld, 4217, Australia



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A Few Examples of What Happens in the Syntropic Blue Community

Bring your idea to the Threshing Floor

Ideas need to be threshed, supported by a community of people who hold the principles of Syntropy while also lovingly daring to ask the hard questions, offer reflection and invite alternative considerations. Making ideas better.

Make a Daring Ask

Our ability to ask, with alignment, speaking as a transmission, knowing the ask might not get us exactly what we want, but is likely to get us waht we need, is a practice. We get to practice the Daring Ask in a safe space.

The Syntropic Immersion Lab

Over 4 months a small team of Syntropic Travellers embark on a journey of immersion, application and collaborative support of the Syntropic Principles. This is combination of lab, incubator, threshing floor, and advanced material.

Syntropic Coach Training

Some of our community want to become accredited Syntropic Coaches, able to work with their own clients + be invited to work with Syntropic World Client projects. Active participation in the Syntropic Blue community is a pre-requisit.

Tensegity Teaming

Team with other Syntropic Blue Community members for short or long term projects both external and internal to Syntropic World. Teams happen both spontaneously and by invitation.

Syntropic Applied Group Coaching

Learning new models, new language and new maps is a process made better by application. The Applied Group Coaching calls are open to all Syntropic Blue Community members.

Access all of the video and audio recordings

All of our Community and Group Coaching Applied calls are recorded using a PRIVATE podcast and private video. You can watch or listen to all of the material at any time.

How Syntropic Blue Works

Complete the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass

If you have completed the LIVE Syntropic Masterclass or the On-demand Masterclass you are welcome to apply to become a member of the Syntropic Blue Community.

Complete the Syntropic Blue Application

This is a simple application form. We practice w we teach, so we do ask you to complete the Synergistic Accounting Audit and agree to the Syntropic World Trust Manifesto. Learn by doing.

Nominate what you have the capacity, willingness and desire to contribute in a monetary way to your membership

Contribute what you can in a way that delights you. If even the smallest monthly amount is hard for you, we never deny access. You can change the amount up or down, at any time.

Access the Syntropic Blue Community

You will be invited to all the sessions, given opportunity to bring your idea to the threshing floor, meet other members, have access to all the advanced programs.

10% discount to all public Syntropic programs

Any new program or event will have at least a 10% discount to all Syntropic Blue members. Often we give more.

Making a Contribution


Syntropic World is to date 100% bootstrapped. Every contribution matters to get the work of Syntropy into the world. We can do this faster and with more ease the greater the contrubutions we get.

The Syntropic Blue Community is a dynamic place. Syntropic World is committed to living the Syntropic Principles.

Please choose what you have the capacity, willingness and desire to pay towards your Syntropic Blue membership.

You can change the amount – up or down, or take a break – at any time.

Every end-of-year we publish a very comprehensive Synergistic Audit showing where the money is being invested. The Syntropic Blue Community of 6 months standing and active contribution have access to our full accounts upon request.

 Payments are in four currency options + Australian Tax 10%

$5 / month

$10/ month

$25 / month

$50 / month

$100 / month


$60 / year

$120/ year

$300 / year

$600 / year

$1200 / year


$5 / month

$10 / month

$25 / month

$50 / month

$100 / month

$1000 / month

$60 / year

$120 / year

$300 / year

$600 / year

$1200 / year


One time payment any amount

Sponsor a Masterclass attendee $525

Other forms of contribution

Syntropic Masterclass


Trust Manifesto


How to Start a Syntropic Enterprise


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