Zero exploitation. Zero extraction to extinction. Zero colonisation.


Syntropic Blue is a global community that creates Syntropic Enterprise…for a world with a future

Designing new models, new maps, new mindsets that make the existing models obsolete. Enterprise design, finance, currency, technology, leadership, community, politics, governance, legal.

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Step 1. Complete the Syntropic Masterclass +APPLY

After completing the Syntropic Masterclass, or being an active contributor to, we invite you to complete the application to become a member of Syntropic Blue.

Collaborate. Learn. Design. Support and be supported.


Step 2. Take the Synergistic Audit and Sign the Trust Manifesto

You will be invited to take the Synergistic Audit and read and sign the Syntropic Trust Manifesto. 

You are actively engaged in the creation of, or the support in the creation of Syntropic Enterprise.


Become a part of the global movement of Syntropic Enterprises by displaying the Blue Mark on your email signatures and web site.

Support new models, new maps and new mindsets for a world with a future.

A small monthly fee to join

Our commitment

We have a commitment to a world where Syntropic Enterprises are common and not the rare exception. To be in integrity to this commitment, Syntropic Blue is at a small monthly financial fee. This fee covers the costs to run the Syntropic Blue Community

Stakeholder reviewed

We account for your commitment towards becoming Syntropic through your actions as determined by all of your stakeholders over the course of each year.

Access to many resources + Ongoing Masterclass at $0

You will have access to modules and materials that cover Steward Leadership, Synergy, Synergistic Accounting,  Clean Communication, Integrity, Evolutionary Purpose and much more.

Community of Practice

We have a global community building new models, new maps and new mindsets for a world with a future.

Monthly Group Coching Call

Syntropic Blue is about application – the creation of  Syntropic Enterprises.

Three 1-1 coaching calls per year for one hour

These calls can be scheduled at any time that is mutually agreeable. 

Optional – Become an integral part of Syntropic World

If you love Syntropic World and would like to play a critical part in its creation, Syntropic Blue is the best way to realise this.

Receive Beauty of Beginnings – daily short contemplations

Beauty of Beginnings-August 12th-Reduced to an hourly rate

Beauty of Beginnings-August 12th-Reduced to an hourly rate

Reduced to an hourly rate By doing so we agree to becoming a commodity.  We deny the potential for real value. Yet we are so conditioned to do this.  Perhaps instead we take the time at the front end, and then ongoing through the course of our engagement, to...





1. A monthly subscription of 49, in advance ($US for USA citizens, $AUS for Australians, £UK for UK citizens, € for Europeans) Or paid annually $500. (Plus GST)


Syntropic Enterprises measures value in twelve domains, of which money is one. 


*Please note, we will never exclude access for those who are unable to pay in financial currency. If this is an issue for you, email  

Why Join Syntropic Blue?

Your fellow members are committed to building Syntropic Enterprises for a world with a future to a set of values that you share. We are all on terra incognita…and as such we are all map makers. It’s a challenging path, better done together.

You know the power of working together synergistically.

You become part of a growing global community of Map Makers and Way Finders for a world with a future.

You have access to new models, supported in application to your own business.

Your business gains from the reputation of being a member and by becoming a Syntropic Blue Enterprise.

You know you are contributing to the greater possibility of a world with a future through supporting many more businesses like yours to thrive as Syntropic, until Syntropic is ubiquitous.

You get connected to extraordinary like minded others – synergy unleashed.

You may be interested in coaching or teaching others how to create and build Syntropic Enterprises.

Enterprise for a world with a future

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