Brave enough to appear stupid

Are you brave enough to appear stupid? To ask questions that might seem basic? To risk trying something new, against the grain of years of being known for something else – the expert?

Do you dare to try? To fail, fall down, make many mistakes?

Will you risk your carefully polished persona for an adventure that you have never taken?

Will you defy age, titles and status to get into a very uncomfortable new learning experience? 

When you are judged by others as stupid, or clumsy, or too old, too young, too &^%$!!, will you slink away defeated, or laugh and get right back into the fray?

How much juicy life do we lose when fear of appearing stupid rules?

Invite new learning, new adventures, the unknown, the crazy stupid never thought possible moments into your life. Because this is where we find our spirit, the one that yearns to fly and swoop and squeal in the delight of being a novice again. 

Photo Taken June 29th 2024