Most people want freedom from something. In some countries the freedom desired is the freedom to vote, to know that your vote counts. It may be to drive a car as a woman. Or be able to show your hair/eyes/face. Or the freedom to get an education. Or choose your spouse.

In the developed world we do not value these freedoms so much because we have no memory of the lack of freedom around these issues. We blow off these freedoms as unimportant. Why bother voting right? Instead we want freedom from government red tape, freedom from debt, freedom to marry the person we love, freedom to fire an employee with a very bad attitude.

All freedom is forged in the dark chambers of restriction. Like a weed that manages, against all odds, to grow in rock, human turn towards the light…the place where freedom lies.

Observing the places of restriction in a society (and in ourselves) is how we know where the next evolution will occur. For it is only when we are so swallowed by the restriction that almost all the light has gone out do we summon the fortitude to say “Enough!”

We are getting close to several “Enough” junctions. Watch for the shifts in government red tape, human accountability and some form of debt jubilee.

Freedom has its own hierarchy. Take away some of our essential freedoms and we will no longer care about government red tape. We will simply want the freedom to eat and move as and when we want.

Where in your life are you feeling restricted, trapped? Notice the coalescence around this restriction as it becomes too smothering. At some point there will be a change. But it will likely take an overwhelming sense of restriction before the change will come.

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