Bringing our alienated self home to its wholeness

What is it to feel an alien in our own community? To be separate from. Isolated. Distant.

To have parts of our identity lost to us?

To not even know who we are? To feel wrong. A misfit.

To have the mediated world project images of who and what we might be, how we should or should not behave? To become so addicted to the instant gratification of the like that it becomes our identity?

Our world is in a pandemic of alienation. I suspect we all feel a sense of alienation in different domains.

To grow up is to walk the path of bringing our alienated self home to its wholeness. To define ourselves in alignment with our integrity and the soul of our identity.

To recognise that isolation is a choice. That vulnerability is not weakness but courage. That asking for help is the bridge to connection.

In our asking for help, we gift those we ask with an opportunity to feel human and valued. And in a sea of alienation, people want to feel valued and useful.

January 25th 2018

Photo taken 25th January 2018