Building a Brighter Future: Syntropic Enterprises and the New Economy

Pathways to a Syntropic World

Imagine it is 2006. You have a friend who works at Apple Inc. They are raving about the new iPhone, yet to be released. (Of course, they could not do this legally. Please play along with me here.)

How do you describe this device to people?

Do people think this device will become ever present in everyone’s lives, in one form or another? The computer in your pocket?

Of course not.

We cannot know what we cannot know.

Now imagine today that everyone had to give up their phones – their pocket computers and cameras. How would your life be? Would you miss it?

We could not describe the iPhone and its effects on the world in 2006. Even Apple could not have known the full impact following its release.

Yet today, we cannot describe life without it.

This is the dilemma facing Syntropic World.

Can we keep going with business as usual today? Endless growth and profit, liability protection from externalities committed to achieving profit maximisation, asymmetrical access to knowledge, political power, money and networks, increased monopolisation and the enormous control that comes with monopoly, and power and wealth accumulation to the minority all designed into the business-as-usual incentive machine, including legal codes, business design, markets, and governance.

Even those leading the world’s biggest companies can do the maths on the business-as-usual equation. The weak attempt to say that technology will change this, or colonising Mars is the answer, is a form of magicians’ hands. So let’s obfuscate the truth to win at our game while it is still running.

How do you speak to the 2006 iPhone equivalent culture about what is possible?

It is not easy. Often people need help seeing the cultural landscape for what it is. (See my article from last week on Moloch.)

Breaking Free from Moloch’s Grip: Charting a New Course for Humanity

What we cannot see, we cannot do anything about.

It might feel too big, dark, or impossible to confront and solve if you can see it.

Changing our ways might mean that we must sacrifice things we love doing, the access our lives have, our status, and our power.

It might feel so risky or so naive that we ignore it.

Or we might stick our heads in the sand.

Syntropic World proposes that there is another way. We can completely redesign how we create enterprise, coordinate people, account for value, design legal codes and govern. Of course, we never claim to have all the answers or be perfect. Yet we know from practice and application that the alternative models, tools, and way of thinking, being and doing work do work.

You, reading this, are wise to doubt this.

Every day I think about your experience.

Why are you here? Is there something in my writing that rings true for you? Are you searching for new models and maps to build a better world? Do you know we must do things differently if we want a world with a future?

How can I explain our work at Syntropic World in a way that makes sense?

How do I share the roadmap of how you might check our work out safely and easily, allowing you to attune to its appropriateness or not to where you are?

These questions buzz around in my head. If you have suggestions, please reply to this email, as I would love to hear from you.

I wanted to give you the April 30th version of the Syntropic Roadmap. It is likely to change, as we are proudly an emergent enterprise.

Our Evolutionary Purpose

Syntropic Enterprises – the iPhone advance on a social enterprise – become ubiquitous.

How will we know our purpose has been achieved?

Most people will coordinate around a purpose they care deeply about for a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures in a way that enables them to bring their whole selves to their work, collaborate and partner elegantly and promote healthy polarity and diversity to be ever-present. They will create products and services that leave everything better for everyone in the short and long term.

We will remember and account for the whole value of everything. Money will no longer be the sole judge of value. Instead, we will collectively honour and value diversity, care, love, kindness, long-term consideration, and all well-being, with an equal or greater enthusiasm as we do money now.

The incentive for our being and work will be to leave our beautiful home planet and all her creatures better for our presence, love and work.

We will have completely redesigned how we trade and account for value, how we provision, how we are provisioned, how we educate, engage, play, and govern and are governed.

We will know localism, citizenship and community intimately. At the same time, we work on the global issues that affect everyone as a collective. . No one will deny that any action taken locally does not affect others far away.

The Source Idea of Syntropic World

  • A global education and training platform on new ways of creating and doing business, accounting for value, human coordination and innovative thinking, acting and being.
  • A global community of Syntropic Practitioners building their own Syntropic Enterprises.
  • An incubator-type experience for those seeking to immerse themselves and their enterprise in the Syntropic Principles.
  • Local and global events to support shared knowledge, case studies, and application.
  • Publications of articles, books, case studies, and media.
  • The creation of the Synergistic Accounting tool to restore our relationship to all-value.
  • The creation of a Complementary Currency to enable thriving within Syntropic World.
  • More and more Syntropic Enterprise exemplars are being created every year.
  • A Syntropic Enterprise investment fund – using both fractional and more significant scale investment to create Syntropic Enterprises.

The Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea

  • Integrity is the essence of everything.
  • Synergy – start with the whole. Consider the Universe first.
  • Zero exploitation, extraction to extinction and colonisation
  • Be an exemplar of the principles taught in Syntropic World.
  • Emergence
  • Beauty – if the result is not beautiful, we have the design wrong.
  • Long-term comprehensive consideration of our actions.
  • Responsibility for all of our choices and actions
  • Dare to care.

Gateways into a Syntropic World

Easy access – some of the many ways you can check out our work in a low-risk way.

  • The Beauty of Beginnings – a daily blog. Concise, less than 500 words, provocations and contemplations. Plus, a sunrise photo over the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sunday Syntropy – articles for application, learning, and provocation each week. Plus, offers for classes and special events. Case studies from the Syntropic Community

  • Sunday Syntropy Podcast – the feature article from Sunday Syntropy is a podcast for those who prefer listening to reading.
  • The Trust Manifesto for Syntropic World – a template to create your enterprise architecture that enables ecologies of synergy. Tested and tried in many enterprises. Non-negotiable if you want to develop incredible teams that unlock exponential potential.
  • Speak the Truth ebook – $20. The Seven Steps to Speak the Radical Truth with Compassion. This process has changed lives, saved partnerships, restored families, and healed teams.
  • Occasional events open to the world. This has included a Summit, Provocation Panels, Clean Communication workshops, Poetry Workshops, Warm Data experiences and Seeing You at Source.


  • Offerings from the Syntropic Community as they test products and services.

Take a jump. Go deeper – class offerings to begin your Syntropic Education.

  • The Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass ON demand. Take our Foundation program, The Syntropic Masterclass, in your own time. Access all of the materials ongoing for as long as we are here. On completion, be invited to become a Syntropic Blue Community member and gain access to the many opportunities Masterclass graduates have.
  • The Synergistic Accounting Experience – change your relationship to value, including your value. This experience is transformative. If you have wrestled with acknowledging your value and asking for your value and contribution to be recognised, this class is for you. (Reply to this email if you are interested in getting on the waitlist)
  • Dare to Care – how to speak the radical truth with compassion. This class is profoundly developmental and rich with tools for application to our communication and relationships. You will become a much stronger communicator due to this class, healing relationships and creating strong partnerships and bonds that are clean and clear bonds. (Reply to this email if you are interested in getting on the waitlist)
  • The Trust Manifesto creation one-day intensive – we are releasing the first edition of this intensive in the next four months. It will be held online so that anyone can attend. At the end of the one day, you will have created your own Trust Manifesto equivalent for your enterprise, team, NFP, or community. (Reply to this email if you are interested in getting on the waitlist)

**We offer scholarships to most of our classes or negotiate different payment plans that are easier for people. However, we do not penalise payment plans. All payment plans are the very same price as the full payment.

We are actively seeking scholarships for people under age 26, people from non-Western Countries and those marginalised in any way – colour, gender, caste, identity – by society. If this is you or you know someone, please reply to this email. 

Dive Deep – for Syntropic Masterclass graduates who want to get into the weeds of Syntropic Application

  • Syntropic Blue Community of Practice – regularly scheduled calls for support to discuss global events that affect us all, to thresh ideas, pilot a new program, and get feedback and synergies. This is a pay-what-feels-right community.
  • Syntropic Coach track – become a Syntropic Coach – qualified to teach Syntropic Principles.
  • Dare to Care facilitator – become a Dare to Care facilitator – able to lead the Dare to Care workshop worldwide.
  • Synergistic Accounting Facilitator – able to facilitate complex application of Synergistic Accounting between alliance partnerships, collaborations, teams, communities, or supply chains.
  • A Year of Syntropy – a small group Syntropic Immersion – limited to 12. An incubator for those actively building Syntropic Enterprises. Very hands-on. Unlimited support from me.

I will continue to create articles, worksheets, books and resources to support your Syntropic Journey. We have other members of the community who are doing the same.

If there is something you need or would like to see, reply to this email. I would be delighted to hear from you.