Building Trust

About seven years ago my daughter and I adopted a little dog, Milly, from an animal shelter. Milly, at the time 3 kgs, had been found on the street. 

For the next five years Milly would never really sleep. She was always hyper vigilant.

To rearrange the neurones that she had needed by necessity for survival took a very long time.

Trust is built with time and consistency. Our receptors seek to establish a world that can be depended upon. 

Humans need to know the boundaries. That if they cross the boundary there is a consequence, and that consequence is consistently applied. Without either the boundary or the consistent application of the consequence, there will be no trust or respect for the boundary, or for the person applying it.

We want to trust. 

In a world of chaos, where lies are the currency of power, trust is elusive. 

To build trust, be trustworthy. Do what you say, be consistent in your actions, follow through, hold your boundaries. If you make a mistake, own it quickly and transparently.

Be the template for trust to grow as the antidote to our current anti trust world.

September 14th 2019

Photo Taken September 14th, 2019