Working on small projects means not much is being asked of you. (Nothing wrong with small projects…especially if they are the stepping stone to bigger ones…)

Pick a big project and before it is done you will be turned inside out. Every part of you will be tested. That is the deal. Get used to it. You will go through some or all of the following;

Feeling inadequate.

Feeling like an imposter.

Terror…how will you be able to do.??…add the very long list here….

Questions of your own personal sanity….what the ..F***?

Extreme doubt. Multiply that by infinity.

Moments of intense jubilation.

The experience of being in a wasteland, desert. Drowning. Pick your poison.

The dizzy state of being in the flow to being in a storm, endlessly, every day.

A breakdown of most all that you believed was true.

New friends. They usually are found in the strangest places.

Lost friends….and the need to let go.

Broken routines, fractures structures, earthquake type experiences, where the ground under your feet seems to be disintegrating.

Intense clarity. Focus. Inner power. Immediately followed by gut wrenching confusion, hopelessness. Oh and that focus becomes more like a drunk guy at a pissing contest.

Ok…you get the point…so….make sure you have support. Most excellent friends, advisers, coaches. Eat well, sleep enough. Take time each day to get grounded and stay present. Act like an elite athlete.

And have fun….(note to self!) When the road gets really rough dance. Or sing. Seriously…have fun.

Chad Podoski via Compfight



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