Business as art

Art is greater than a painting, it is the creative expression that offers both a brutally honest and axis tilting experience of the world.

Art is meant to transform. To invite the unconsidered questions to arise. To leave us breathless. To shock us from compliance.

We are all born artists. Children love to draw, whether the medium be paint, a stick on dirt, fingers in sand. To mix up things, to break down, build up, discover, uncover.

Business in its current form has stripped any connectivity to art, creativity, animation, aliveness, humanity…it is more robotic than the robots.

No wonder humans are literally dying for meaning, for relevance. 

To restore art to business, to have business become art is to bring back beauty, connectivity, care, love, the sacred, and the reverent.

How did we ever image a world where our daily lives are at least eight hours separated from beauty, love, creativity, joy, meaning, purpose, generosity…from art as an expression of our work? 

Business as art is essential to a Syntropic Enterprise. Generativity, creativity, love…towards an eternally regenerative Universe… is possible…

Towards this, we might dedicate our days.

September 18th 2019

Photo taken September 18th, 2019