I am not an oracle, but I can state with almost complete certainty that in 30 years we will not be getting our energy from fossil fuels of any nature. Our transport and energy needs will be supplied by the sun, wind, waves and other renewable sources.

Buildings will become net energy producers.

The energy grid will be networked, similar to the internet, and not a centralised behemoth.

We will grow more of our food in our immediate vicinity, on roof tops, building walls, and in public spaces.

We will have local currencies.

Everything we make will have its entire life cycle taken into consideration, everything able to be recycled and easily broken down. We will deploy an ‘all in accounting’ cost in every activity, which will include the cost for future generations. (“All in accounting” takes into account the cost for all elements to be either man made or nature made, the extraction, design, assembly costs, distribution, marketing costs, then costs of disposal, breakdown and recycling back to zero)

Education will be online, global, accessible, fun. Schools will be a place where children come together to learn communications, citizenship,  human relations, experiential activities, life skills, arts. Testing and grading will completely transform from conformity generating to creativity.

Everyone will own a 3 or 4 D printer, and manufacturing as we know it will change and become more networked.

The internet of things will allow us to measure, monitor, edit, change pretty much everything.

Our health will be monitored 24/7. Drugs will be designed to perfectly match a person’s DNA. There will be a great integration of natural medicine and a focus on preventative health care.

Extreme weather events and rising sea levels will be common.

Same sex marriage will be legal in most countries.

On the subject of technology, I am only able to speculate. This article was not designed to address this massive growth field. I feel quite certain that the advances in technology will be mind boggling.

The point of this article is that some of these things we know. You know. I know. This future is happening.

The question, the burning question, is what are we doing about it? Today? What are communities doing about this now? How are we designing our cities today? Approving buildings today?

2:23Am is about entreprises and companies who know that business as usual is broken. The industrial era is over. Focus on money and profit and short termism is a dinosaur way of business. Our accounting practices are partial. Our banking and money systems are designed to cripple us with debt.

This is a time of tremendous opportunity. But in order to seize that opportunity, we must be willing to rewrite business. Challenge every assumption. Every single one…even the assumption on the very foundation on which your business is built. Once all the assumptions have been challenged, take into account the future…the one that we are certain of, and the one that we have some awareness of.

What then does this mean for your business and your community today? What do you do today? Now? To meet the future?







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