Calling out little atrocities

Corruption does not happen in one big burst. Nor does evil.

Self-deception occurs in a steady slow sequence, one lie to begin, begetting the next.

Weak boundaries enable weak boundaries. Respect disappears.

Hate and cruelty are born with little atrocities, small acts of violence and discrimination that are stepped over by the crowd.  

This is how everything begins. The seed, the idea, the lie. 

Integrity is to hold shape. When an idea or action is generated as a lie, cruelty, discrimination or corruption in its first iteration, the moment it is stepped over, the seed germinates.

Vigilance of our own lies is the crucial field of learning to be vigilant to the lies and corruption occurring in others. 

Working with others who hold us to our better selves, calling out our self-deceptions and obfuscations, is crucial. 

When citizens ignore the first little atrocity, they become complicit in generating a forest of corruption and hate.

This is what it means to be the change. Not just at the personal level, but also fierce in calling out little atrocities in every area of our lives.

Photo Taken March 19th 2023