Can the existing system save us from the existing system?

There is a geometry to everything. Space has shape. The question, can the existing system save us from the existing system, is similar to the statement, “We cannot solve our current problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Using geometry, when we are in a polarised position about anything, the conversation goes back and forward between the two poles.

There is no space, no shape. Just a back and forward.

When we add the third dimension, the one that transcends and includes elements of both poles and, in so doing, raises our understanding to a higher level, we invite solutions that are greater than any one pole. In so doing, we evoke the law of synergy.

As we do this, we create space, dimension, a field into which we can now emerge as a wiser humanity. The space gives rise to a field of greater optionality.

The existing system, all of the models, the levels of thinking, and the structures that have held us as we currently are will not solve our existing problems. 

By this, I mean explicitly our monetary, education, finance, governance, legal entities, accounting, GDP, ownership structures, how we co-ordinate humans, how we measure everything, how we consider value, what is health, what is wealth…these…just for a start…

So yes, we can go to Mars, we can think technology will save us, we can enact genius bounded in the same systems, or we can use our incredible capacity to create new systems and models that enable a world that works for all. 

This is the commitment of Syntropic Enterprise. No more re-arranging deck chairs. Let us build new boats.

September 25th 2019

Photo taken September 25th, 2019