Can we reason our way to love

We try.

We rationalise. 

We defend stories of our love for.

In the end, love transcends reason. 

It cannot fit into science. 

It cannot be measured. 

It cannot be placed in a neat box.

Love cannot be commodified.

Or converted into technology.

Love cannot be forced, or coerced. 

Love is ultimate integrity. Metaphysical gravity. Omni-inclusive.

It can and will move people to do awe-inspiring things. It can and will inspire people to do small exquisite things that resonate deep into the field.

It arises and moves us when we allow ourselves to feel. It comes with a price of pain when we damage that which we love, or when that which we love is hurt.

For some, the knowledge of this pain is too great a price to afford to fully love.

Yet love is life expressed.

Our home planet, our creatures, our fellow humans are in desperate need of our deep and abiding love. 

For if we dared to love, we could not do what we have done to Earth and each other.

November 30th 2019

Photo taken November 30th, 2019