Can we talk about it?


Perhaps a better question is how do we talk about it.

How do we talk about a subject that holds tension for one or both parties? How do we step into a conversational arena to debate that will not disintegrate into petty slogans and name-calling?

How easy is it to cast aside a difference by giving it a wide-sweeping label, removing all nuance in the process? 

How do we talk about it when the stakes are high?

Knowing how to talk about things, understanding context and worldviews, and holding a space for diversity, difference and the weird are ever-evolving skills.

It begins with the intent. When the intent is clear, and there is a commitment to the intent, we create a field for the conversation.

Hold the intent to understand the other.

Or to gain clarity.

Or to open your heart. 

Or to listen as if your life depended upon it.


Hold an intent to be right.

To be heard. 

To exert power and authority.

To speak over the other and win.

In a world trapped in a supersensitive, politically correct PLUS nasty trolling, shaming culture, how we talk about things that matter can result in more of the same or profound change.

We can elevate or diminish. Self and other.

How we talk about things that matter most is what we cover in the Dare to Care Workshop. 

Life and business communication skills that make a better world.

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Photo Taken May 2nd 2023