Caring and anger strange bedfellows 

After centuries of submission, female anger is rising as a collective act.

It is confusing to both genders. 

This strange emotion occupies spaces that have been vacuumed out. 

It arises with the force of a wave triggered by the oddest things.

Men do not know how to respond.

Women can be terrified of themselves, unfamiliar with the force of an emotion that has been laid dormant for so long.

Recently a good-willed male told me anger in any shape was bad. 

Something about this felt wrong. 

Pure anger, not directed at a person, but arising as a response to injustice, is a motivating force.

To roll over, to have injustice be irrelevant, or to bury our anger in polite niceness, is to not care.

To care, to care so deeply, is to invite anger as a bedfellow.

We are the ones who need to master its energy, to direct it for good use. 

The combination of infinite care and pure self-managed anger is a lever that will shift the world.

Photo taken February 18th 2019



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