“Caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny”

Imagine that our most powerful enemy is our greatest teacher.

That if we stepped back for a moment from our anger and fear, from our rage…from our hate….from our paralysis…

We might ask..what are you here to teach me? If I can but silence for a moment the turbulence of my emotions if I can step back from my subjective experience and ask…what are you teaching me…I might discover a treasure beyond measure.

In the discipline of doing this, we gain our liberation from our enemy. We might also find the well of forgiveness.

Imagine that the whole world is caught in the net of a common enemy. No longer the battle of difference between tribes, the fight for territory, the superiority of empire, the quest to dominate others, to win at all costs.

Rather all, beyond race, religion, age, borders….

What might our common enemy be teaching us Earthlings?

Perhaps that we are all interconnected. We are all vulnerable. That we are one people, one Earth. That we live on the most remarkable planet. And that our times are calling us to stop our ways of being that have us win at the cost of another. 

Imagine if, as a collective of humans living on our own Spaceship Earth, we drop the usual practice of protection of IP, the need to profit from manufacturing life-saving equipment, from health care….if we take the time to consider that we can design a world that works for all humans…if we see clearly that our interconnectedness is as Martin Luther King said that we are all “caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” 

And that in our profound recognition of our collective vulnerability, we return to love, compassion, care, beauty….not as secondary, but the primary acts of our economy….the care of our home?

March 22nd 2020

Photo taken March 22nd, 2020