Change words change context

Paul Hawken, editor of Project Drawdown, says climate change isn’t happening to us, it is happening for us.

This one small change in a word changes everything. In the first instance, when something is happening to us, we are in many ways the victims of the imposition. If it is happening for us, we are now invited to respond.

Tax relief implies that tax is a burden, when in its right use, tax finances the build of everything that enables humans success. Transport, health, education, security.

Tax justice speaks to tax that is fair.

Transforming implies a process that is ongoing. Transformed is complete. Nature is always transforming, We are nature.

Look at the story that you feel has been written for your life. Change words, change context. Write a story that invites your whole engagement towards the future you want.

October 2nd 2018

Photo taken October 2nd 2018


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