Changing course

They say people need certainty. 

Perhaps the world of certainty has died. We cling to some false hope of its restoration.

I listen to political leaders making forecasts about things that humanity has no experience of, and I wonder at their capacity to speak what is likely to be lies. As if they know what the future holds. They offer false hope and promises as political cheap tricks. It might make people feel better today, yet it fails in supporting resilience and adaptability as a skill, one that is needed more than ever to survive and thrive.

Our ability to dance with change from moment to moment, to adapt in an instant, is the place we find freedom.

Expectation of some certain future kills. Our disappointment can be crippling. The straight line is a fantasy, always was. 

There is only left foot, pause..right foot…adjust..repeat. 

With the arrow of intention, so very different to certainty and expectation, our guide.

Photo taken September 4th 2021