Checking our stuck state

Given we are all at the effect of powerful algorithms that manipulate our thinking – not one of us is immune to this – we need regular practices to challenge our thinking and position.

Consider a variation of the following.

  1. Is it true? How do we know it is true? Hearsay is not a valid response. The words of a prophet, living or dead, do not make it true. True is direct experience. Given this, if we cannot absolutely know it is true, can we change our position from closed to open to the possibility that it is not true?
  2. If we cannot open our minds to the possibility that it is untrue, why not? Will our status or tribal affiliation be affected? Will we be open to shame, ridicule, or rejection? This inquiry needs to go deep into our psyche to excavate the tentacles of belief.
  3. Do we notice that when we defend our position we become supercharged with energy? Check our energy state. Is that charge righteous indignation, defensiveness or anger? Or is it love? 

I struggle with this practice. There are places, states and opinions that I like. Checking our stuck state creates the threshold of our becoming. Rarely easy to do, yet when we commit to this, moving ever more toward love and wisdom.

Photo Taken September 11th 2023