Choose to be happy

Once upon a time I would let the little things worry me.

That someone had moved something from its place and it was not to be easily found.

That my body wasn’t as I wanted it…too much here, too little there. Not this. Not that.

And I would escalate this nit picking life and project it into the world. Not happy. Not perfect. Missing something. Angry. 

Somehow, through a combination of being unravelled by life, brought to the Earth in broken humility, and reaching the place of deep recognition that only I could be the change, I took a ninety degree turn and chose instead to see the beauty…

Hear the birds.

Watch the sunlight off the ocean. 

Choose to be happy with eating well and not starving to fit some mythical ideal.

And in the choice, slowly, over time, allowing life, all of it…the tragedy, the magnificence, the injustice, the love…

To bath my Soul.

To see the arc of Universe. Thankfully forever mysterious, beyond our capacity to rationalise.

And know in my bones, that I, that you, that we…matter. And that we can make a difference for a more beautiful world, if we choose.

Photo taken April 26th, 2020