Choose yourself. Plant the seeds for your own flourishing

This morning was the coldest of our winter. Around 7-8 Celsius. Our homes in Queensland are built for summer and heat, so interior heating is rare. To get up out of a warm bed in the dark, and to do so with joy, the why has to be bigger than the warm bed.

To experience the sunrise, so beautiful. The crisp air on your face, the full moon disappearing over the hills, Milly the dog playing beach, and to be with my love sharing all of this..after a walk the coffee, the sun’s warmth, the shared conversation undiluted by media…

There is a simple tool I have used for decades that allows me to make good decisions that serve my well-being.

Imagine you are lying in bed and you are in the most comfortable spot you could imagine. You have promised to get up and go do “X”. But at the point of decision, the bed is so tempting. 

Without moving from your bed, imagine it is now 2 hours later and you did indeed get up and do “X”. 

How do you feel? 

Now imagine that it is the end of the day and you did get up and do “X”. How did your day go because you did?

If the answer to both these questions is awesome, great, wonderful, happy…

Then choose yourself.

Grit your teeth for the 20 to 60 seconds of discomfort as you get out of bed. And go do “X” so that your day feels great, all day and not just for the extra hour you stay in bed.

Apply this to anything. Getting into cold water to go surfing. Not eating the extra serving. Not having the extra drink. Not taking the course that will put you back into the discomfort of novice.

Choose yourself. Plant the seeds for your own flourishing.

Photo taken July 5th, 2020