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Christine McDougall


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A Thirty + year applied student of 

R.Buckminster Fuller

Inadvertently introduced to Bucky in my mid twenties, and luckily able to study his work intensely over 7 days in the early 90’s I have  recognised Bucky as my main mentor. I have applied his models to teams, human co-ordination and enterprise design for over twenty years.

“You continue to astound me with your deep insights. You truly are one of Bucky’s most brilliant heirs. Your mind is amazing. Thank you so much for continuing to express yourself so clearly. You are a light in the dark that surrounds us in space and time. “

Brilliant! Thank you. 
Cherie Clark, PhD in Bucky’s 12 Degree’s of Freedom

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Guiding Principles


*All of my work starts with Integrity. Easy word to say, hard to live by, even harder to build a life and enterprise with integrity as the foundation. To be able to go to sleep each night knowing that you have lived the highest expression of your integrity…this is to have a good sleep.

*I build models and maps. I help others build models. I like to co-build models most of all. “Argue with the model,” said Bucky. I am most passionate about building new models that make the old obsolete. I have built models of organisational design that enable people to thrive as they co-create world changing projects together, without human upset and entirely self managed. Read an example of this in The Trust Manifesto of Syntropic Enterprises. The result of 30 years of model building. It works.

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Dynamic and Provocative


I am alive on stage teaching, speaking, challenging.I speak of all things Syntropic. Integrity. Steward Leadership. Synergy. Clean Communication. Evolutionary Purpose. 

The Conscious Company Article

Perhaps instead of saying It’s time to burn it all down, but how do we do that, and how do we rebuild it, we should start asking how we can benefit the most people, value the most contributions, and work towards our 100-year goal of a truly Syntropic world? Yes, 100-year goal – not Q3 goal. Syntropic looks well into the future and thinks about the cost of everything (the cost to the earth, humans, government, and more).”

Christine speaks to the Cambridge Greens, UK

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I apprentice to nature

I apprentice to nature

I apprentice to nature, she is the infinite university. To hear her teach I must slow down, become silent, watch, observe, listen, wait…

On being a stand for integrity

On being a stand for integrity

Lying to others is the second act. Breaking our promises. Making commitments we do not keep. Violating agreements.

Christine speaks about Syntropic World

Graduates representing Countries

We have to start with the whole


Business Reimagined

In 2019 I was fed up. Fed up with morally bankrupt leaders and broken systems – so I started a movement that would strive to leave everything touched, better. This idea, this evolution, this belief …became Syntropic Enterprise.

It’s a new take on business. A business plan that celebrates those thinking with the long tomorrow in mind.

Syntropic Enterprise is creating a world with a future. A world where integrity, values and human connection are driven through considered positive productivity for the Earth. It’s this mindset that leads to success and leaves a lasting legacy.

A world with the future of the Universe considered. And not smirked at.

For over 20 years, I have been committed to working with leaders and enterprises globally to invoke change. I experience a deeper level of truth by questioning the basic assumptions that drive us as humans. At the core of my work is the mantra…leave everything you touch, better.

The opposite of evil is indifference, so if not you, then who?

It’s business, reimagined.

My path to here 

Under a Big Blue Sky

R. Buckminster Fuller has been my main mentor since my mid twenties. As an ongoing student of his work I speak systems, design and the geometry of relationships and integrity with fluency.

I was one of the global founders of the Coaching Profession in the 90’s. I was the first non USA Board member of the Global Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) holding this role for five years, in the final year as Vice President. I was the founding President of the Australasian ICF, setting up the Chapter system in Australia and around the world.

I have worked within the corporate, leadership, startup and future of business space with 100% focus since 1998 – in the early days as a coach, then evolving to create and lead businesses, partner with teams worldwide and mentor leaders who are creating a whole new kind of world.

In 2013 I pitched Sir Richard Branson an idea around his book, Screw Business as Usual.

This pitch led to the creation of a world class event, Big Blue Sky, in 2015 and 2016, in my local city, to convene multi sectorial members of the community, plus a few provocateurs from around the world, to co-create solutions for the future of our city.

The greatest exponential technology is thoughtfully designed human relationships

Books & Publications

Communications skills

Speak the Truth

How to speak with truth with compassion. A 7 step process.

Business design

How to Start a Syntropic Enterprise

A practical workbook covering the initial critical elements of how to start a Syntropic Enterprise

Trust Manifesto for Syntropic Enterprises

Coordinating people around a purpose they care about is never easy. This is a powerful document/agreement that enables diverse teams to co-create enterprises with elegance. No matter the size of your enterprise some form of Trust Manifesto is critical if you want human synergistics, where we are better together.

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