To be a citizen of a place implies that you are one of many.

When we recognise that we are a whole and a part of a larger whole, that we have rights as an individual but not at the cost of rights of another, and that inherent in those rights is a responsibility to the larger whole in which we live…we inhabit citizenship.

Citizenship is active. To demand rights without accepting the responsibility of those rights is to believe in entitlement without contribution.

It can be through small acts. Leaving the space you have been in in as good or better order for having been. Helping someone cross a street. Voting. 

Citizenship as a practice starts at home. How we respect our home space, support those who live within our home, care for the ecology of our home, contribute to home. Then in ever wider circles, our community, our city, our nation, our home planet.

Complaint without the willingness to take action is easy. This is the domain of the bullies, the rock throwers and name-callers. 

To hold responsibility as a citizen is to act on that which bothers you, for to complain without the willingness to act is to want the rights but not the responsibility.

November 21st 2019

Photo taken November 21st, 2019