Claiming happiness

To be happy. Such a unique quest for humans. 

Strange that we hold ourselves to such levels of superiority over all other creatures yet our happiness is like quicksilver, fleeting at best. 

To stand fully in happiness we need to let go of all the things we think make us happy.

This unravelling cannot be done half heartedly. We need to go all the way down, into the pits of our own illusions and hungry ghosts. As we descend, all the stories that our culture pumps out to keep us in this foggy half life need to be disintegrated. 

As we are disintegrated. Whole parts of ourselves now out of a job. 

Perhaps this is why we fear claiming happiness. Our happiness lives after we retire all that is not truly ours. 

What I know from emerging through the disintegration is that the journey is worth it. 

To claim our happiness is to claim the truth of ourselves. To re-member who we are in our nakedness and vulnerability. To know with clear eyes and an open heart what we value, and to live our values in all we do.

Everything else, just a cultural story.

Photo taken May 7th 2022