Clarity and integrity of your Source Idea

The seed of a creative act is the original animating impulse.

It arrives into our being from the field in which we play. The Source Idea arrives from the same place as an idea/thought to clean a window.

If the Source Idea doesn’t inspire us to act, then it is simply a thought or wish.

A Source Idea to build a business, write a book or create a project, must have enough intrinsic motivation built into it to get us not only to move, but to keep us moving even when the going gets very tough, which it most certainly will.

If we do not take the time to clarify the Source Idea at its inception and its own intrinsic Pattern Integrity – its unique DNA – then what will happen, slowly, surely and often inadvertently, is a contamination and erosion of the Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity. 

When we are creating a Syntropic Enterprise for a world with a future our Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity will be placed into the field of the old world, the world that seeks to keep the models that are designed to extract to extinction, exploit, colonise…This means that unless we remain vigilant unless we know the pattern of the world we are seeking to move from, we will be very likely to be infested and contaminated…or even asked point blank to change the Pattern Integrity of our Source Idea into something that is no longer coherent with its original integrity.

This doesn’t happen quickly, it usually happens slowly, drip by drip. Until one day we wake up in the nightmare we had hoped to leave behind.

October 26th 2019

Photo taken October 26th, 2019