Clarity on our values and priorities makes decisions easy

Knowing your values and Pattern Integrity, the non-negotiable structures that hold your life in shape is liberating and clarifying.

Against these, we order and sequence everything.

My health has always taken centre stage. I loathe the feeling of anything that is not vibrancy and aliveness. It is easy to build a structure around maintaining my health and well-being to ensure I feel great almost all the time. My exercise is a daily event, often commencing in the predawn light, and usually outside.

Integrity is a hard yet beautiful value. At times, the granularity integrity requires can be terrifying. To speak up when silence feels more comfortable, for example.

Finding love later in life has shifted my priorities. Spending quality time together, as much as we can manage, has become a non-negotiable. Being there for my love and daughter in times of need takes precedence over almost everything, but never my health and well-being, for I cannot be there for them without that.

Within this frame, I order and sequence my life. Given circumstances, it can change in a heartbeat. I know I am privileged to be able to do this. I have the ways and means that so many in other parts of the world do not.

Clarity on our values and priorities makes decisions easy. 

Photo Taken April 14th 2023