Clear boundaries spoken with infinite love

Polarity is required for existence. Without polarity we have the singularity, the zero point. 

Too much negative charge and we will get an explosion. Too much positive charge and we will get collapse into an amorphous undifferentiated mess.

In our current world of amplified negatively charged polarity mini explosions are occurring all around us. 

Nastiness from drivers on the road. Anger in the streets. Violent protests. Bullying. Trolling on social media. 


If we participate in any form in the amplification of negative charge we are part of the problem. 

It is a game, with a set of people and enterprises profiting off our hyper charged culture to sway power.

Refuse to play. 

Take a deep breath.

Step back. 


Allow all of that charge to be released. 

Recognise the addictive nature of righteous indignation, our want to be superior, to win. 

Put down your weapons. Words spoken or written. Lashing out. The reptile in us dominating over sanity.

The world does not need a single extra atom of negative charge. 

We might return to love.

Even in the face of those who are doing the most egregious things. Do not let them get away with their lies, corruption and cruelty. And do not play the game of projected charged energy in your response.

This is the delicate and finely balanced skill the world needs more of now.

Clear boundaries spoken with infinite love.

Photo taken September 25th 2021

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