Climate change is a class war

It is the richest nations, the wealthiest people, and the biggest corporations that are the most egregious perpetrators when it comes to climate change.

It is the poorest nations, the people on the margins of survival, that are at the most dangerous effect of climate change.

This makes climate change a class war. 

To name it so is crucial. 

COP 28 was and will remain a hollow symbol of ‘action’ taken by the wealthy to make it appear something is happening. 

We celebrate the small win at COP28 of fossil fuels being listed as the cause of climate change as if it were some major achievement. It is not. It is tokenism.

It is a deliberate, cruel form of persecution. 

There is no solution to climate change without breaking up monopolies, ending capitalism, taxing the rich – nations, people and corporations – and realising that we are one home planet. 

And to begin this, place all humanity as worthy of dignity and life.

Photo Taken January 7th 2024